What is a now page?

What are your software goals for early 2018?

  • Speak at a couple conferences
  • Finish my Bookpinions project
  • Finish my first tensor flow project
  • Get Test Driven Python into a stable, workable state for newbies.
  • Write some blog posts?

What are your non-software goals for 2018?

You have a cat?

I have a cat! His name is Mister Fitzwhiskers Darcy, but his friends call him Fitz. He's missing a leg, but that doesn't stop him from running up and down the halls at night, singing the songs of his people.

What color is your hair now?

Purple on top, magenta at the ends, and pink at the base of my neck. Needs a touch up, the roots are growing out.

last updated november 29 2017