Available Talks

These are the talks that I've already written and can present with roughly a week of prep time. Email me if you would like me to present one of the following, or you would like me to craft a new presentation for your event. I'm not currently interested in bringing back other talks I've given that aren't listed here, but I'm always open to discussion.

Topics I'm most interested in talking about are:

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The Art of Mentoring and Being Mentored (because we are all always both)

The Art of Mentoring and Being Mentored (because we are all always both)

Mentorships are some of the most important relationships we can foster for professional and human development. This talk explores the lifecycle of a mentorship. Audience members will leave better equipped to engage in mentoring relationships out in the world. They will be able to recognize informal mentorships, intentionally seek out mentors and mentees, and take care of themselves in the process of helping others grow.

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The Zen of Python in Practice

The Zen of Python in Practice: Balancing Idealism with Production Concerns

This talk walks through some of the ideals laid out in the Zen of Python and examine the challenges we face in production codebases through this lens. The Zen of Python encourages flat, sparse, simple programs without guesswork in the face of ambiguous problems. But sometimes you just need to push that bug fix. Our code doesn't always have to be beautiful, but we need to learn not to let the adequate be the enemy of the good.

This talk is great for people who are new to programming, or have moderate programming experience but are new to Python.

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Why Python?

Why Python?

Learning how to program can be a daunting task, especially if you're not sure which programming language to start with. This talk serves as a brief introduction to parts of Python's philosophy and features that make it great for beginners. From the Standard Library to a robust and active community, Python offers a solid foundation for anyone looking to get their sea legs while providing ample room to grow into an experienced software engineer.

This talk is specifically geared toward people who want to learn to code, but haven't done significant practice or study yet.

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